Shower Pan Leaks Repaired Without Removal

We fix: Leaking shower pans, leaky shower problems, ceramic tile problems, cultured marble problems, marble problems, grout related problems, shower pans repaired without removing the shower pan. Why go through the expense of a shower pan replacement? Shower pan repair is our specialty. Home of the "Shower Pan Repair Kit" and "Grout Removal / Regrouting Bits" for the do-it-yourselfer. 28 Years Experience Diagnosing/Repairing Ceramic Tile, Marble & Cultured Marble, along with Fiberglass Shower Pans and Shower related problems

Leaky Shower? Moldy, Missing Caulking or Grout?

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Signs of a Shower Pan Problem:

bullet Moldy or missing grout
bullet Space between the floor & wall tile
bullet Wet sheetrock outside the shower
bullet Water leaking into a room below
bullet Water leaking into an adjacent room
bullet Damp or wet carpet
bullet Discolored linoleum

Our Services:

bullet Tub/Shower Caulking - Ask about our permanent tub caulking
bullet Leaky shower pan leaks repaired without removing the pan

My Time Proven Epoxy Method of Repairing a Shower Pan Leak is 99% Effective Without Removing or Replacing the Shower Pan and Tiles


Consultation/Evaluation of your Leaking Shower Problem

Free 5 minute Generic Consultation - Within this time frame I'll Briefly listen to your potential problem and advice you if a paid consultation seems feasible. I will not be offering advice on how to fix your problem at this time

Comprehensive Consultation/Evaluation -For a nominal fee of $25.00 payable via PayPal, we'll set up the best time to talk about diagnosing your  leaky shower pan problem. You will be required to upload pictures via your digital camera beforehand to either an online picture site or directly to

Please pay the consultation fee before sending pictures. Once payment is received you'll get an email requesting a convenient time will be to set up the consultation.

I'll need pictures of the following:

1- Where the tile wall meets the floor and wall on each side
2- Drain area
3- All the right angleson the lower corners, including the step (curb) area
4- Any cracked grout lines on the floor tile that are away from the sides of the wall. Look closely to see if you have any thick white (calcium deposits) buildup that extrudes from the grout lines usually from the drain outward.
5- Any are that appears to be bulging, seperating either on the walls or floor, or anything that just does'nt look right.
6- 10-20 pictures usually does the trick. Please make sure that the pictures you send me are not huge, no larger than 2-3 mega pixels.

With your purchase you'll receive a copy of "Testing For a Leaky Shower Pan Fact Sheet" in MS WORD format via a download link.

Pay your $25.00 Here For Your Evaluation/Consultation

Why Do Shower Pans Leak?

  1. Separation between the wall and floor tiles causes the concrete under the floor tiles to become saturated with water, rotting older pans and forcing water to leak out
  2. Grout missing around the drain.
  3. A poorly constructed pan that has no pre-slope to the drain before it is put in place. Usually the weep holes to the drain are clogged.
  4. Loose floor tiles inside the shower.
  5. Inside the upper portion of the drainpipe, excessive hair in the drain can cause water to backup into certain parts of the drain. Water flows through where the drain sandwiches the pan and gives the appearance as if the pipe were leaking.
  6. Similar to #5 (without the hair.) The pan disintegrates where the drain sandwiches the pan due to excessive water buildup in the concrete under the tile floor. It's also possible on newer showers that the pan is not properly adhered where the drain sandwiches the pan.
  7. If the shower walls are constructed out of sheetrock or concrete backer board, and the floor is built with traditional wire lath and cement, a setup like this usually cannot handle the stress of movement. Joints will crack and water will saturate the concrete under the tile floor.
  8. Normal building movement, even the vibration of opening and closing doors can cause cracking problems.

Testing For a Leaky Shower Pan Fact Sheet (without using a hammer)

My method of determining a leaky shower is slightly different than the articles above. Everyone will overlook #7. Almost all leaking problems can be solved without a destroying the shower. #8 shows how you can confirm the leak by actually stopping it, without spending money.

Topics covered:

  1. Checking for cracked or missing grout
  2. Visually checking the faucets for plumbing problems
  3. Physically testing the faucets for leaks
  4. Checking for loose floor tile
  5. Checking for movement between the wall and the floor tile
  6. Testing the drain for leaks
  7. Checking a particular area that 99% of all plumbers never check or will mislead you into thinking you need a new drain
  8. Confirming the leak by applying a very simple temporary way to stop it

Fact sheet may be ordered by clicking on the PayPal button below. This document is FREE with every paid Evaluation/Consultation. Once ordered you will be given a download link within 24 hours via email. This document will be in MS WORD format. Cost is $5.00

Leaky Shower Pan Repair: Don't Replace - Repair

I've worked over 18 years to develop a unique and effective method of repair that seals out water from the exposed shower floor seams, sparing the expense of replacing the shower pan. Utilizing a time tested specially formulated multi-part epoxy resin, I can now get to the core of the problem without destroying your shower.   

Without removing or damaging the tiles I’m able to inject a high strength resin 2 to 3 inches into the floor joints with the aid of specialized tools. The injected resin binds to the underside of the wall tile (wall tiles usually go below the floor 1" to 3 inches) and to the concrete below the floor tile, sealing the pan area and preventing water from penetrating the floor and/or wall joints. A similar procedure is used where tiles meet at right angles, corners where tile walls join together, door track seams, doorstep seams, and any other area that needs attention.   

As a standard procedure, the floor grout and tiles will either be cleaned, or scraped and/or regrouted if needed. A white epoxy bead is then applied over the previously injected resin, creating the appearance of a caulking bead. The white epoxy bead is completely waterproof, will not change in color, grow mildew, and will remain structurally solid and clean.

The epoxy's strength far exceeds that of grout or caulking with a zero amount of water absorption. The water that is in the concrete below the tile floor will dry on its own within a 3-8 month period.    

The entire repair process for an average 3’x3’ shower stall takes 4 - 6 hours and is completed in one day and ready for use 1 - 3 days later.   (View the leaky shower pan repair pictures)        RepairPan-6.JPG (6674 bytes)

Short Term Solutions:

  1. Silicone over the existing cracked grout. The downside is that silicone will not stick to anything remotely damp or wet. Silicone can mildew or break down with cleaning chemicals. Using silicone is an art that most people haven’t yet mastered.
  2. Acrylic based tub & tile caulking is strictly designed for a bathtub, and is not designed for use on stall showers. Acrylic caulking will dissolve in hot water and/or become soft and gooey. Other types dry very hard and tend to shrink, crack, and mildew.
  3. Apply grout into the floor joints. Usually the grouting cannot withstand floor movement, and the result is that the leakage returns.
  4. Hire an all purpose handyman or tackle the job yourself. This method always ends up costing you more in the long run.
Shower Pan Installation

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Shower Pan Repair Kit          "Do-it-Yourself"

Check out the Shower Pan Leak Repair Kit These kits are designed for the  home owner or contractor. Supplied is enough epoxy to repair your shower stall.

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Shower Pan Repair Instruction Manual may be ordered for $5.00 without a kit purchase. To purchase, click on the PayPal button below. Once ordered you will be given a download link within 24 hours via email. This document will be in MS WORD format.

This manual will also give you an idea if you are qualified to take on such a repair job without laying out money for the kit.

Manual is FREE with a Shower Pan Repair kit purchase.

Nobody Matches The Skill Of My Caulking And Grouting Abilities       Before/After pictures Cultured Marble Leak Repair Grout Removal Bits For The Do-It-Yourselfer
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