Dremel Alternative 3/32" and 1/16"
Carbide Grout Removal Bits

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Removing the Grout Between Ceramic Tile

Our 1/16" and 3/32" bits are 1.5 inches long, and are the same thickness as the Dremel bits. The grout bits fit all Dremel type rotary tools that accept an 1/8" collet or chuck. It's the perfect solution for removing grout between ceramic wall and some floor tile.

My Personal Work Experience:

You're probably wondering how I can charge a fraction of the cost over the big name competitor's bits? I have searched high and low for many years to find these grout removal bits. I've now been selling them along with using them for over 25 years.

My grout removal bits work great with any standard type Dremel rotary tool such as the Harbor Freight heavy duty variable speed rotary tool. In some cases, you will need to remove the guide if it has one. If you do a lot of grout removal, I highly recommend that you buy the Long Shaft Electric Die Grinder part # 44141 from Harbor Freight Tools. These machines have more torque, spin at 25,000 rpm's, and hold up longer, run cooler than most any other rotary tools out there. This machine will require the 1/4" to 1/8" zip bit adapter, part # CH01 by Rotozip.

Harbor Freight Electric Die Grinder requires an adapter

Harbor Freight Rotary Tool -- No adapter required

Only needed for the electric die grinder

The trick to using any of these tools is to keep the bit at about a 45 degree angle making multiple small passes. If you are regrouting tile that is spaced 1/8" or less, remove at least 1/16" worth of grout. If you find that your grout is a little softer, remove a little bit more. Keep the bit cool by either dipping it in either oil or water continuously.

One grout removal bit might last one minute or one hour which is very similar to the expensive bits that cost $10-$12 each. Depending on how hard or soft the grout is will determines how many bits will be needed.

I was in the business of tile repair and restoration, along with "fixing leaky shower pans without removal" for over 25+ years. Unfortunately, I had to retire prematurely due to acquiring debilitating Fibromyalgia/CFS. I am available to answer any questions that you may have relating to using these bits. I rarely answer phone calls from unknown callers due to the overwhelming amount of spam calls. Always email me first at: leakyshower1@yahoo.com.

3/32" and 1/16"
Carbide Grout Removal Bits are being sold in various combinations listed below
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These Grout Removal Bits can also be used for:

Cuts traditional wall tile
Cuts through all types of metal
Cuts holes in traditional 4x4 wall tile for faucets
Cuts shower door tracks
Removes grout from the sides of used tile
Plus many other uses...

Our 1/16" and 3/32" grout removal tool bits are 1.5 inches long and will fit in most standard Dremel type rotary tools that have an 1/8"collet or chuck.

 These bits are not meant to be used for cutting into large hard floor or mosiac tile. Always wear Eye, Ear and Nose PROTECTION.

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Carbide Grout Removal Bits
24 - 3/32"
International $70

24 - 1/16"
International $94

24 - 3/32
  24 - 1/16"
USA $130

12- 3/32"
International $42
12- 1/16"
International $56

12 - 3/32
 12 - 1/16"
USA $70

6- 3/32"
International $27
6- 1/16"

International $33
6- 3/32
 6- 1/16"
 USA $38

2- 3/32
USA $12
International $20

3- 3/32"
- 1/16"
USA $24
International $32

4- 3/32"
 USA $22

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             10- 3/32"    
                USA $26.00


             International $34

These 3/32" grout removal bits are top quality and 90% of all my grout removal jobs were accomplished by using this bit

The 3/32" grout removal bit is thicker than the 1/16" bit and smaller than the 1/8" bit, making them the perfect size, giving you a perfect cut.

Then again, who am I to judge them? I have only used them for over 25 years.

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